High End woodworking for a moderate price

arbor in prospect heights, brooklyn

Ipè pergola on top of Newswalk...Prospect Heights, Brooklyn


        My profession is woodworking...it's also my passion, and it shows in my work. I love details, and pay particular attention to them.
I have been making sawdust for 40 years, with experience in all phases of woodworking. The last 15 years, I have concentrated on landscape woodworking, including decks, arbors, pergolas, planters, fences, trash enclosures, and even a treehouse. I work mostly with Ipè, Mahogany, Cedar, and pressure treated southern yellow pine, but am not limited to those species. In the last few years, many of my clients have opted for hybrid decks...an iron substructure covered by wood.  If you're interested in seeing the results, click here.
     I'm not a typical contractor...I have only one assistant, and I focus on one job at a time. We show up on time,  clean up. finish the project on schedule, and our finished product will exceed your expectations.