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arbor in prospect heights, brooklyn

Ipè arbor  on top of Newswalk...Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

    My profession is woodworking...it's also my passion, and it shows in my work. I love details, and pay particular attention to them.
I have been making sawdust for over 25 years, with experience in all phases of woodworking. The last 10 years, I have concentrated on landscape woodworking, including decks, arbors, pergolas, planters, fences, and even a treehouse. I work mostly with Ip
è, Mahogany, Cedar, and pressure treated southern yellow pine, but am not limited to those species. I'm not a typical contractor...I have only one assistant, and I focus on one job at a time. I show
up on time, and clean up.

    In the last few years, many of my clients have opted for combination decks...an iron substructure covered by wood. I have been collaborating with
a local iron worker (Joe from Etnea Metal Works) to make their visions come to fruition. If you're interested in seeing the results, click here.

I also like to make built-ins...bookcases, wall units, radiator covers, etc. I need some rainy day projects.   I have a small woodshop.

     I'll customize the project to your needs and budget, and will help you with design, or work from your plans. I live in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, and work mostly in Brownstone Brooklyn, but I will travel for the right project. I give free estimates, and will supply you with current references.

I am also available for design and/or build consultations.

To contact me, send an E-mail, or call...

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        Steve Rayboy
      Urban Exteriors


                                                  BROOKLYN HEIGHTS IPE ROOF DECK
                                                                       IPE ROOF DECK, FENCE, AND BENCH...BROOKLYN HEIGHTS
                                                                                                           See a video on youtube.com

             Ipe roof deck park slope brooklyn        skylight cover
                                                                  IPE ROOF DECK, with removable skylight cover...PARK SLOPE,  BROOKLYN
                                                                                                                          OCTOBER 2007

                                                     Click here to see more completed  deck projects,
here to see arbor & pergola projects

An unsolicited testimonial by a client...posted on brownstoner.com in August, 2007...

"We used Steve last year and could not be happier with his work. He started when he said he would, he finished when
 he said he would, he did what he said he would, and he took the time for a confab with our wacky architect about modifying the design.

The work itself is terrific – all miscellaneous trades people who look at it are very impressed. One example (my favorite): instead of just
boxing the drain pipe in one corner with straight cuts, Steve scribed in about 8 facets so the circular pipe is enclosed in a nearly circular cut.
(Not so easy to do in hard stuff like Ipe, I think.) He likes to do quality work, and charges accordingly. (At his suggestion, he plugged all
the counter sunk screws, so the surface is beautiful and smooth; we paid for it [and love it] but he suggested it.)

Bottom line: great work at a fair price. By no means “inexpensive”. But fair. Feel free to email me if you want to know more."

Posted by: Sandy Mattingly at August 7, 2007

Photo Links

Mahogany Pergola on a manhattan rooftop. The finished job with Ipe deck, planters and fence
Parlor Floor Deck and another. Herringbone pattern, made from Ipe...Fort Greene, Brooklyn
Cedar Panel & Lattice Wall. --- another view --- one more view
Cedar deck Parlor Floor...Prospect Heights, Brooklyn
Roof Deck Prospect Heights, Brooklyn
Ipe deck built in sections, parlor floor...Park Slope, Brooklyn
Custom Cedar fence
Parlor floor extension Deck and arbor...Park Slope, Brooklyn
Cedar Deck with matching planters and trellis...Park Slope, Brooklyn
Cedar Deck front view...and from above...Prospect Heights, Brooklyn
Cedar Deck with removable panels...Parlor floor extension, Park Slope, Brooklyn
A Park Ave. penthouse Cedar Arbor from below...and  above.  Featured in the book "Gardens in the Sky"
A Sag Harbor Cedar wraparound Pergola
Tribeca Cedar Pergola
Cedar Planter, Cedar Plant Box
A group of Planter boxes 
Outdoor steps with platforms
Treehouse/playhouse in Greenwich, CT...and  one  in Brooklyn
Even a House or 2.

I also do Interior woodwork...Radiator Covers, Cabinets, Built-ins, Closets

Wall Units.
...A wall of cabinetry 
Built-ins   ...Bookcase/radiator cover   
Walnut Fireplace Mantel/Surround  
Shin-Zen at the Seido Karate world headquaters in New York City
Shin-Zen at Sensei Monte's Karate dojo in Brooklyn
Door framing & hanging
Moldings...I've installed miles of base, chair rail, crown moldings and door/window casing
Radiator Covers
Display Cases
Chessboard from Cedar, Maple and Cherry
Loft Beds



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